Sunday, September 20, 2015

Almost like home

I've discovered an interesting phenomenon this year as we're going to many of the parks we've gone to over the past few years.  As we get to our destination I often get the feeling like I'm coming home.  And it's strange that "home" seems to be so many different places.

This past weekend we returned to Columbus, OH to stay in the Alum Creek area.  We've probably stayed at the State Park or the private campground nearby a dozen times over the past 5 years.  And there are so many places around town that we love going to.  Cabela's down by Polaris, Easton (where I buy new work shoes every year), and even out to Brew's Cafe in Grandview.  It's so familiar it's almost like being home.

I noticed the same sensation when a few weeks ago we went out to Mosquito Lake State Park out in Warren, OH.  We used to always make it out for the Italian Festival in Youngstown.  We didn't make it this year, but we got to enjoy a few quiet, relaxing days at the park.  And of course a visit to our favorite wine store in Howland Center.

It's kinda neat that there are multiple places that I can feel so relaxed and at home.  Columbus, Warren, Port Clinton, Streetsboro, Newbury..  even Canadaigua, NY now that we've been there a few times.  This only reinforces for me that when it comes time to hit the road, I will be well-suited to find home where ever we are.

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